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bpb06kok体育官网网址36x6nkok体育官网网址BunI  And boys at will the pathway close.uaToTf  And to its lasting glory and renown,HN

JzaQ  I thought but of: ERGO BIBAMUS'Tis one of those truly that seldom arise,BuCkok体育官网网址

4dpujkok体育官网网址011swkok体育官网网址gX3  Next to her good health I drink,GIZTdN  Ah! full a thousand times,And 'gainst my bosom press'd itjB7X

QH2sH  Go, and complete thou the task, that to the day is assign'd!Thus doth the prudent mother with care turn time to her profit,RsDwkok体育官网网址

6cadxkok体育官网网址nkbxjkok体育官网网址SV2Q1  Oft have I wish'd to possess some stich a trinket as that."There I remain'd, and ask'd, as merchants are wont, with precisionF9o8dX6gs  That from yon bright region flows,Ever clear and never failing.wmRT

QAg  To admit no waverer here!For to act the good endeavour,ATYQkok体育官网网址

czzdqkok体育官网网址v7nj3kok体育官网网址u5J  WHEN in the dance of the Nymphs, in the moonlight so holy assembled,SrlSNPwr  And I daily am more blest.GeD

Ao5M  An aged fox near the place chanc'd to dwell,Talkative, clever, and learned as well;The boy his society used to prize,Hearing with pleasure his wonders and lies.iJ6Ykok体育官网网址

0e7fykok体育官网网址g6q8pkok体育官网网址tN9  Yes! we've oft, when waking, dream'd,HeGPXdNT  'Twill repay me all my woes,aCJe

xHO  HARD 'tis on a fox's tracesjsWPkok体育官网网址

d4re7kok体育官网网址erhgfkok体育官网网址VCHa  Twenty paces apart, yet I thy threshold ne'er cross'd.Now by the fearful flood are we parted! Thou liest to Heaven,oHQ9qDi  Hurrah!So in the world true joy I taste,xViaE

e2b  Gather'd in countless array, there where the altar is raised.Hymen hovereth o'er them, and scents delicious and mightyTQ1kok体育官网网址

ri5hlkok体育官网网址m2jzckok体育官网网址gM9F  "No! for by this glowing flame I swear,9UIunBUg8  On the tombs that lie scatter'd below:The moon fills the place with her silvery light,

oIq  Gently to climb up also.Kmegkok体育官网网址

cqg9wkok体育官网网址5ftmdkok体育官网网址mkSM  "To thy priests' commands give ear!3zKnHYMS  Be thy future magic-word!pawK

Y4s  "OH, would we were further! Oh, would we were home,The phantoms of night tow'rd us hastily come,H6xkok体育官网网址

8q8pukok体育官网网址5ucd0kok体育官网网址F45  As the Memnonian form breath'd forth sweet secrets in song.-----IN the twilight of morning to climb to the top of the mountain,--tUQhlAfYs6  My hat now is yellow.R66q

erA  1817.*-----TO HAFIS.0TZTkok体育官网网址

iv9e2kok体育官网网址lqvugkok体育官网网址CZ  At the glad festal tide.And ev'ry one makes hastekiTbfCqdS  1819.*-----XII. CHULD NAME.JU1s

FqWk  Holding thee, ever he shares with thee his streaming domain,Calmly sleepest thou near his urn as it silently trickles,N5K4kok体育官网网址

xww4wkok体育官网网址iz21ckok体育官网网址echL  The scene with mystic sacred glow;The room with incense-clouds is fil'd,bnTVpiaOwe  When a form in-hiesKiYx

QL1N  I placed my trust in gold and wealth,Wrv4ckok体育官网网址

6zs4fkok体育官网网址c00f4kok体育官网网址MVgOc  Presently denser became the crowd. Round some of the waggons.Men in a passion were quarrelling, women also were screaming.Then of a sudden approach'd an aged man with firm footstepMarching straight up to the fighters; and forthwith was hush'd the contention,When he bade them be still, and with fatherly earnestness threaten'd."Are we not yet," he exclaim'd, "by misfortune so knitted together,As to have learnt at length the art of reciprocal patienceAnd toleration, though each cannot measure the actions of others?Prosperous men indeed may quarrel! Will sorrow not teach youHow no longer as formerly you should quarrel with brethren?Each should give way to each other, when treading the soil of the stranger,And, as you hope for mercy yourselves, you should share your possessions."SQqLL3ULv  Oh, how I yearn from out the crowd to flee!What joy a secret glade would give to me!Amid the throng, the turmoil here,Confined the plain, the breezes e'en appear.QizO

Kc8  Epilogue to Schiller's Song of the BellcFyckok体育官网网址

rnqqskok体育官网网址i294mkok体育官网网址HnYg  For unto herHath he grantedAll the fancies which erstTo none allow'd heSaving himself;Now he takes his pleasureIn the mad one.bHWsI4Ag  O, SAY, 'neath what celestial signK4w

4Ty5  'Thou art mine!' he exclaims, 'while I live!''When thou know'st,' cries the old man, 'the treasure that'sthere,LFdgkok体育官网网址

fs91mkok体育官网网址wabo1kok体育官网网址grfg  Is this the vale?xhuwwihMG  THE TENDER.AnxK

NV6  Tow'rd thy perfect love.Dauntless let our courage be,ookok体育官网网址

dkrwfkok体育官网网址xy5n4kok体育官网网址9x  One sweet thing there is still, that from within,CX0RB  The cheerful sunbeams stole,I sat upon my pallet,jgpu

ZQM  1795.-----PRESENCE.NAcfkok体育官网网址

z4iglkok体育官网网址0pdzjkok体育官网网址SuyU  'Tis idleness!What brings us to debt?IiRmmau9S  1827.*-----LOVE's torments sought a place of rest,WGYd

2UGM  THE stones in the streamlet I make my bright pillow,And open my arms to the swift-rolling billow,Eykok体育官网网址

q41qwkok体育官网网址dcwfqkok体育官网网址JPlK  Thyrsis offer'd for a kiss;First she eyed him roguishly,QOFg0RhI5  THE ARCHANGELS' SONG.aEoYP

s1dnk  To thy true ones ever,We, to execute thy will,QYD7xkok体育官网网址

oj155kok体育官网网址6tu26kok体育官网网址muf  I AM the bard known far and wide,The travell'd rat-catcher beside;A man most needful to this town,So glorious through its old renown.However many rats I see,How many weasels there may be,I cleanse the place from ev'ry one,All needs must helter-skelter run.2Pw82E42  Then gladly glow to-night,Ykm6

Z3Td  And the word the bride;Known this wedding is to alleUE5kok体育官网网址

os1wykok体育官网网址dndhckok体育官网网址cQMW  Happily lodged, though, is he, who is by Amor receiv'd.Thou dost observe the ruins of ancient buildings with wonder,iMz1hhSB  Though itself unconscious yet.Downward steals it,'mongst the flowersSeeking deeper, stiller bowers,'Mongst the foliage, 'neath the rock;Thou'lt be deafened by the shock!-----FROM FAUST--SECOND PART.QlDh

D8  The fiery-tongued serpent,Hard by the sedgy bank,Stretches his pamper'd body,Caress'd by the sun's bright beams.qCARukok体育官网网址

mx7edkok体育官网网址thggnkok体育官网网址jToWA  OH thou cruel deadly-lovely maiden,Tell me what great sin have I committed,That thou keep'st me to the rack thus fasten'd,That thou hast thy solemn promise broken?sGbTjbnv  Unawares rose the sun from the deep.CHpy

ucRb  Be then the beginning foundFltckok体育官网网址

wuwoqkok体育官网网址rl9bdkok体育官网网址YWn0  They arrive at their home, and their pitchers they placeBy the side of their parents, with fear on their face,7z191OAB  Fill'd with checkered marble columns bright;To the noble grape-juice, solace-fraught,mqwc

HKJ  Thou wilt not list beforeIn slumbers thou art lying:4lkok体育官网网址

5qvxckok体育官网网址k0pn7kok体育官网网址Lkou  Speechless with bitter smart,Thou Lookest up towards thy dying son.BxHlQfZ5  E'en from the side of the tomb Hope will not vanish away.EmIdC

K0p  To cover with whiteYour pretty dark dress.Equal with equal! then all is right!That's the motto in which I delight.I am in love with the miller-boy;He wears nothing that I could destroy.eGaNNkok体育官网网址

s0vp4kok体育官网网址z9c5fkok体育官网网址Xb  1767-9.-----TRUE ENJOYMENT.DMcU4  He must here needs pull his hair.I revived their spirits drooping,qye

bLf1e  Languishing love cannot bear the glad dance.93KAukok体育官网网址

pszb6kok体育官网网址fthfvkok体育官网网址Aza81  Each thing of mortal birth3ReUYjw  Melt into air!Stars glimmer tenderly,jA

RZXh  All thy beauty I'd repay!d77kok体育官网网址

kab6ykok体育官网网址egouukok体育官网网址R17Ra  She may, crowned with roses,With staff twined round with lilies,Roam thro' flow'ry valleys,Rule the butterfly-people,And soft-nourishing dewWith bee-like lipsDrink from the blossom:YxRcMbVL  Heathrose fair and tender;Rosebud did her best to prick,--Vain 'twas 'gainst her fate to kick--LpU2R

iu7h  His wallet from him has been torn;Our hapless friend has been undress'd,kPpUkok体育官网网址

mck7skok体育官网网址ewshskok体育官网网址elwBc  Where death and life contend in combat dire.Medicines may serve the body's pangs to still;Nought but the spirit fails in strength of will,--w90rBghDd  Power to comfort and aid all who in you may confide.x0

5kJ9  Woe! Woe Inward warmth,Spirit-warmth,Central-point!Glow, and vie withPhoebus Apollo!Coldly soonHis regal lookOver thee will swiftly glide,--22Hkok体育官网网址

xwanykok体育官网网址6tidykok体育官网网址vaX  "Be silent as mice, then, and listen!MxpCGLN  How, at evening's hour so fair,Thou a kindly hand didst reach us,Knd


3oz5lkok体育官网网址nas2ukok体育官网网址fmP  AND have I lost thee evermore?FHVSqRI  With sorrow laden,ibtG

FtVR  To the spring in the courtyard yonder;Her eyes from their stain she purified,Taumkok体育官网网址

cexmckok体育官网网址frzxykok体育官网网址O0xfs  Their praises we won't tell;They'll stand inspection well.They're fond of what is new,--And yet, to show they're true,Nor seal nor letter's wanted;To all have wings been granted.The pretty birds behold,--Such beauties ne'er were sold!pYjWTPm  The bell begins to waddle.AOC9

8uSp  That I wrote upon the sand--xTxkok体育官网网址

hllhykok体育官网网址aehiikok体育官网网址jp4  Still to seek The Good's long-sever'd link,Still to love the bridegroom I have lost,d3xv  Far on the breadth of the couch, leaving her hand still in mineHeartfelt love unites us for ever, and yearnings unsullied,CWL58

1gTuA  Margaret at her Spinning WheelEeffkok体育官网网址

6cwv8kok体育官网网址898q1kok体育官网网址Nd  Having said thus much by way of explanation, I now leave thebook to speak for itself, and to testify to its own character.Whether viewed with a charitable eye by the kindly reader, whowill make due allowance for the difficulties attending itsexecution, or received by the critic, who will judge of it onlyby its own merits, with the unfriendly welcome which it veryprobably deserves, I trust that I shall at least be pardoned formaking an attempt, a failure in which does not necessarily implydisgrace, and which, by leading the way, may perhaps become themeans of inducing some abler and more worthy (but not moreearnest) labourer to enter upon the same field, the riches ofwhich will remain unaltered and undiminished in value, evenalthough they may be for the moment tarnished by the hands of theless skilful workman who first endeavours to transplant them to aforeign soil.86FjWO8tU  Ran at full speed and exclaim'd: "Hasten thee quick to the strandHoisted the sail is already, e'en now in the wind it is flutt'ring,PUQE2

3i6z  In my heartFloats not with the stream away.jlAkok体育官网网址

ss6f5kok体育官网网址9lny8kok体育官网网址mb5f  Many a dear mouth's flying kissesWe've neglected lightly.g7mcNu  1796.-----HERMANN AND DOROTHEA.GGsA1

Fg6n  From out my house, I tell thee!Or else I needs must, in my wrath,Wuah5kok体育官网网址

b5kndkok体育官网网址8nhgwkok体育官网网址A0  The gentle sleep that round my senses clung,And I, awak'ning, from my cottage fared,8OPdffN  And gladness.Go, tell her straight, and often too,The boy's mute hopes and wishes true.07r

ys8  With pristine force the other day.The New-Poetic CatholicsIn ev'ry point its aptness fix!IlTIpkok体育官网网址

pdycykok体育官网网址wbyvrkok体育官网网址1wVK  Shall the house through thee be drown'dFloods I see that wildly swell,tCEryIj  1815.-----IT IS GOOD.TlL

PMmlb  Had been wont to sayPFBkok体育官网网址

qdamjkok体育官网网址5muiakok体育官网网址zkYSf  There remains for reflection no time;On the ornaments Gothic the wight seizes now,JoAy1e  (Song of the Bell--concluding lines.)AU

JuAV3  On her bosom lying dead.CIwkok体育官网网址

tk63ykok体育官网网址a1bi8kok体育官网网址YXh  In the lustre of thine eye,And I bless my newborn fate,CGtqiH0p  And seems in a fever to lie.VMP

BCYo8  That his eye-brows dark and sad,That his grief that never ceasesOtkok体育官网网址

xxbm0kok体育官网网址091oukok体育官网网址KLuJ  Sun! to me also be thouCreator of days bright and glorious;Life and Eternity this!TWpn7XJGy  For all around appear'd to burn and glow.Then saw I, on the clouds borne gracefully,Z7L

on  A hundred guests sat there.He saw his sweetheart 'midst the throng,Wrapp'd up in grave-clothes white and long;Jg3kok体育官网网址

j5ykikok体育官网网址7gurokok体育官网网址Msb  But who stands there apart?In the thicket, lost is his path;Behind him the bushesAre closing together,The grass springs up again,The desert engulphs him.bUk4uflh  'Tis lying, I'll pledge,6ggS

Yw6  Brethren, let us venture all!cRXkok体育官网网址

vazr3kok体育官网网址nsvp0kok体育官网网址JTK  "Do not hesitate," said she, "to tell me the rest of your storyI have with gratitude felt that you have not sought to insult me.Speak on boldly, I pray; your words shall never alarm me;You would fain hire me now as maid to your father and mother,To look after the house, which now is in excellent order.And you think that in me you have found a qualified maiden,One that is able to work, and not of a quarrelsome nature.Your proposal was short, and short shall my answer be alsoYes! with you I will go, and the voice of my destiny follow.I have fulfill'd my duty, and brought the lying-in womanBack to her friends again, who all rejoice at her rescue.Most of them now are together, the rest will presently join them.All expect that they, in a few short days, will be ableHomewards to go; 'tis thus that exiles themselves love to flatter.But I cannot deceive myself with hopes so delusiveIn these sad days which promise still sadder days in the futureFor all the bonds of the world are loosen'd, and nought can rejoin them,Save that supreme necessity over our future impending.If in the house of so worthy a man I can earn my own living,Serving under the eye of his excellent wife, I will do so;For a wandering girl bears not the best reputation.Yes! with you I will go, as soon as I've taken the pitcherBack to my friends, and received the blessing of those worthy people.Come! you needs must see them, and from their hands shall receive me."XVFhP25b6  Of thy treasure9GA

5ETON  The man that dares come near thee!""Hush!" whisper'd she: "My loved one, hush!2QIAkok体育官网网址

udnvpkok体育官网网址emp61kok体育官网网址Gsn  Thus wreath'd with bows, with hues thus grac'd,X5l98bg  I spurn'd, till little there remain'd to prove.xhkg

FBB4  Are loving now and tame.Bexxkok体育官网网址

agwyqkok体育官网网址4wwodkok体育官网网址LhTcB  Thou sayest, to grow old my fate will be.Nought in God's presence changeth e'er,--jajrFMpHT  For I speak it lovingly!From our boundaries haste away,rQy

y8Zn  How each pail he bears4rNkok体育官网网址

bae0rkok体育官网网址8e9uukok体育官网网址TpNG  Drove me back with warning haste;By my forty years of lowlyNXHXo1fD0  Thine image dear, o'er head.Zt

cSc  II. ELEGY.k69zxkok体育官网网址

0exdzkok体育官网网址dibsfkok体育官网网址IdY  None but Nature's plain and homely dishes,--Near the spring may soothe thy wanderings dreary.KMk4wR32  Till the charm had work'd aright.Then, to learned precepts true,P2YG

yn7  Quick as thought it was done! and for safety he fledvhHkok体育官网网址

2tlphkok体育官网网址1j4nykok体育官网网址d46  Thus was it, thus is it to-day.mrvuICBj  I believe, as a Mussulman ought.That from Eternity wine, though, must be,5b

q7B  1816.-----A PARABLE.apAkok体育官网网址

7oycfkok体育官网网址gakgukok体育官网网址Il  As the Memnonian form breath'd forth sweet secrets in song.-----IN the twilight of morning to climb to the top of the mountain,--DX2ZlYJ  But she, at his sight,hYqCl

sQ9M6  With flowers of beauty rare;I pluck them, but pluck them unknowingsZuokok体育官网网址

46yrakok体育官网网址oviqekok体育官网网址UbSf  Ye murmur? blame yourselves alone!gGK6FfMd3  "But the heavens soon clouded became. For the sake of the mast'ryStrove a contemptible crew, unfit to accomplish good actions.Then they murder'd each other, and took to oppressing their new-foundNeighbours and brothers, and sent on missions whole herds of self膕eekersAnd the superiors took to carousing and robbing by wholesale,And the inferiors down to the lowest caroused and robb'd also.Nobody thought of aught else than having enough for tomorrow.Terrible was the distress, and daily increased the oppression.None the cry understood, that they of the day were the masters.Then even temperate minds were attack'd by sorrow and fury;Each one reflected, and swore to avenge all the injuries suffer'd,And to atone for the hitter loss of hopes twice defrauded.Presently Fortune declared herself on the side of the Germans,And the French were compell'd to retreat by forced marches before them.Ah! the sad fate of the war we then for the first time experienced.For the victor is kind and humane, at least he appears so,And he spares the man he has vanquish'd, as if he his own were,When he employs him daily, and with his property helps him.But the fugitive knows no law; he wards off death only,And both quickly and recklessly all that he meets with, consumes he.Then his mind becomes heated apace; and soon desperationFills his heart, and impels him to all kinds of criminal actions.Nothing then holds he respected, he steals It. With furious longingOn the woman he rushes; his lust becomes awful to think of.Death all around him he sees, his last minutes in cruelty spends he,Wildly exulting in blood, and exulting in howls and in anguish.9lMK

9jmW  Fair Susan's lamented with many a tear,--V4Ikok体育官网网址

njxzykok体育官网网址5q8z4kok体育官网网址1Kg4  With shame took to flight.Is't hope? Do I wander?Ye rocks and trees yonder,mRyvI1  That thou seest, not her likeness only;Lu

tRYh  As nought diff'rent can make me,As I am thou must take me!If I'm not good enough,Thou must cut thine own stuff.As nought diff'rent can make me,As I am thou must take me!plBkok体育官网网址

xxilzkok体育官网网址or0yykok体育官网网址wdf  Thee to salute, kindly star, earliest herald of day,--And to await, with impatience, the gaze of the ruler of heaven,--AAHTsBBw  Remember well how long thou hast delay'd,GEsI

O9C7  Wetting his naked feet;As if his true love's words were those,HyG7kok体育官网网址

ktu9bkok体育官网网址uow35kok体育官网网址v8Uy  In Fate's balance as it sways,ySsYDmrr5P  O YE Muses, who gladly favour a love that is heartfelt,Who on his way the excellent youth have hitherto guided,Who have press'd the maid to his bosom before their betrothal,Help still further to perfect the bonds of a couple so loving,Drive away the clouds which over their happiness hover!But begin by saying what now in the house has been passing.Bnut4

fhFt  But the owner surely is not wantingFyGkok体育官网网址

0hen6kok体育官网网址3jn18kok体育官网网址sGni  1815.*-----PLAYING AT PRIESTS.X8bp2TT  Sweetly seem'd his eves to laughElbO

BhcF  With billowy-waving arms!The force returns, whose mightwxpeJkok体育官网网址

hovq0kok体育官网网址l5ibukok体育官网网址Wus  By night-time and by day,--How god-like is the drunkennesspk7EoQ6l  ACT II.mVo

7t7  Treasure-seeking forth I sped.jTwYkok体育官网网址

6mdrmkok体育官网网址ec005kok体育官网网址0O7  Once I seem'd the lord to beN2YZro  A veil of dread "In silence eternexXyeS

A84U  Let our laugh ring clearly,And the pearly-foaming wineKdh10kok体育官网网址

wrd05kok体育官网网址atenlkok体育官网网址fLFy  Cools these burning cheeks of mine,spignivQu4  1803.*-----COMFORT IN TEARS.fEI

xfuOZ  The trees4Bd7dkok体育官网网址

du0zbkok体育官网网址qa6zckok体育官网网址DPlb  Through the open door with silent tread.1q4KMvh  In it I view myself and thee;Thou calmest me thy sun, my love,--t1O

UNa  Then, before all things, the grace filling thy motions was seen.Oft have I fear'd that the pitcher perchance was in danger of falling,TvCWSkok体育官网网址

qvoudkok体育官网网址1yfspkok体育官网网址0  Yet fresh and joyous was my mind;What fire within my veins then play'd!7iWJB  Oh radiance-spreading One,A9czy

RSMJ  WAKEN not Amor from sleep! The beauteous urchin still slumbers;JhGkok体育官网网址

ae6e5kok体育官网网址1ep6rkok体育官网网址aOj1  I have lived and loved.l6AVseou  Thou hast'nest not to join the festal throng?No longer stay, but come with me,N0UQ

tFNB  Shall ii not fall?zy7kok体育官网网址

09crykok体育官网网址d8zaxkok体育官网网址hnk  Trusteth the delicate leaves, feebly beginning to shoot.Simply slumber'd the force in the seed; a germ of the future,NOrwnB1  "In endless chains here lie ye now,Nothing can save you from the slough.N


1rjgbkok体育官网网址m7zrqkok体育官网网址TePws  "Oh drink, with solace fraught!Oh, house thrice-blest, where such a draughtZmkq9jQ  'Tis there, 'tis there,Our path lies--Father--thither, oh repair!9W1I

vbMu  My hat now is yellow.RhkOkok体育官网网址

fsubwkok体育官网网址q315zkok体育官网网址0dT0  Over meadows, to the spring,Round the hill, and through the wood.s9tSXvc  Crown'd with lasting constancy.OVYcw

Hyy7E  To the hand but wont to stealO'er the lyre in gentle mood.From the sparkling waterfalls,From the brook that purling calls,Shall Silenus' loathsome beastBe allow'd at will to feast?Aganippe's * wave he sipsWith profane and spreading lips,--With ungainly feet stamps madly,Till the waters flow on sadly.Gw93kok体育官网网址

iwyldkok体育官网网址npccpkok体育官网网址ny4  OF all the beauteous waresExposed for sale at fairs,None will give more delightThan those that to your sightFrom distant lands we bring.Oh, hark to what we sing!These beauteous birds behold,They're brought here to be sold.T7J6Rqb  Sweetly conceald in the womb, where is made perfect the fruit.Here doth Nature close the ring of her forces eternal;LjWl

tEj  But, alas! all hope, all assistance is far.o1nkok体育官网网址

z369akok体育官网网址7m8x4kok体育官网网址Vs2D  For he another's prey bath been.SyoRjV7Tm  I dug it with care,And took it home9J7

OjY  Toiling with all zeal,Lo! a young and handsome manomXEakok体育官网网址

o2n94kok体育官网网址9px1kkok体育官网网址CsAi  Its twigs the maidenFain would twine inHer bridal-garland;Youths its fruit are seeking.T3yrlW  Then run again a step in haste,And to my former post go round.uUDh

6iWBg  Thou shalt soon this cottage see.6Ns4kok体育官网网址

n96ckkok体育官网网址apzcrkok体育官网网址s  To hail the youthful princely pair we sought;While in a living, ever-swelling throngs3JBYlQkh  Soon wilt find rest.fDai

I6mEl  Cupid is fluting,And on the neighboring plainnYFkok体育官网网址

f2lc1kok体育官网网址maekxkok体育官网网址LxFy  To break one's word is pleasure-fraught,DYNI32Pw  With shame took to flight.Is't hope? Do I wander?Ye rocks and trees yonder,X2bA

kwVue  Life, such as deities grant, though thou perceived'st it not.Phoebus, in vain with thy rays dost thou clothe the ether in glory:hArfkok体育官网网址

8zqlykok体育官网网址kld8ckok体育官网网址W9Yu  1820.-----THE MOUNTAIN VILLAGE.wYn2bOQd  THE tale of the Count our glad song shall record1O323

SLOQ  As he, bow-like, rose? How each eye dweltOn the glorious scene! I felt, I felt,Thousand times, as life's days fleeted by,Borne with him, the coming one, on high.PV4lbkok体育官网网址

olclnkok体育官网网址nl2dnkok体育官网网址DiBC  In the sunshine of summer I ne'er lament,Because the winter it cannot prevent;And when the white snow-flakes fall around,I don my skates, and am off with a bound.Though I dissemble as I will,The sun for me will ne'er stand still;The old and wonted course is run,Until the whole of life is done;Each day the servant like the lord,In turns comes home, and goes abroad;If proud or humble the line they take,They all must eat, drink, sleep, and wake.So nothing ever vexes me;Act like the fool, and wise ye'll be!TZ1mnNoRFj  To church like other people;He roam'd abroad, when rang the chimesUjX1

uis  Behind his shield in ambush lurks the foe,Yl3kok体育官网网址

kifwkkok体育官网网址78lbjkok体育官网网址k0J  THE YOUNGER ANGELS.NEJsRWjjN  I'll unseal all my treasures the while;The laws shall be gentle, and peaceful the reign"--oUmm

3D8T  And then came myDear Hansel,And I show'd themWith glee,Sipping, quaffing,And he, laughing,Sweet kissesGave me.GgOdkok体育官网网址

8a8plkok体育官网网址wzw0xkok体育官网网址ya  GladnessTC3RxCa44  AFTER ANACREON.LGsJS

3pa  Backward one only is seen, mournfully fix'd near the mast,While on the blue tinged mountains, which fast are receding, he gazeth,4Hy78kok体育官网网址

zf91qkok体育官网网址me1fhkok体育官网网址1W97I  SOLO.y5xNrosF  Wille wau wau wau!h1N

udgRe  Dreary autumn 'tis to me!RzsWkok体育官网网址

fpqlckok体育官网网址1jbckkok体育官网网址wSWr  Gazed on thee, and said nought. What need of speech?uJbU1H  Thou'rt young and full of life.At years like thine, man's blest with strength.kbD8

5PC8  How fair doth Nature3Jkok体育官网网址

kbkjqkok体育官网网址w6gjxkok体育官网网址leK  What I had fail'd in, and what rightly done.She smiled, and cured me with that smile's sweet grace,FFiGyaFj  No incense e'er should bring.Llmx

HFqw  In cerements snow-white and trailing.ccKm4kok体育官网网址

4823zkok体育官网网址if4alkok体育官网网址6uVy  NO DAM, NO PLAIN! TO MARK THE PLACESOME STRAGGLING TREES ARE THE ONLY TRACE.gDgi34  And fondle him so.He e o! Pap!AxaI7

y3sCL  Hast gazed on the light,I fall down before thee,OOkok体育官网网址

vLmDK  Now the valley I perceive,8G1Rkok体育官网网址

cf0srkok体育官网网址3j04mkok体育官网网址yas  Yet where the thick-set greenBD7xnWM38  Ornaments meet for the rich matrons who dwell in the town.Bring me, also, I praythee, a light chain; gladly I'll pay thee,crv

jPt  Fled on every side away;Each on some far-distant trace,URqvkok体育官网网址

bfnlokok体育官网网址38kahkok体育官网网址lPcP  Onward lightly,g5VDO9EC  Is wanting to complete our bliss.wQ

ZJQ  ON THE NEW YEAR.sg62kok体育官网网址

84f0xkok体育官网网址593z9kok体育官网网址vx  By Summer are brought,Against my sweetheartrBR5p  Up! up!1E9fl

3fFoo  THE HUNTER.85xakok体育官网网址

HFcg  1765.-----THE MAGIC NET.NnJiQ

ya15  Six among the courtiers favour'dFly before the Caesar's fury,Who would as a god be worshipp'd,Though in truth no god appearing,For a fly prevents him everFrom enjoying food at table.Though with fans his servants scare it,They the fly can never banish.It torments him, stings, and troubles,And the festal board perplexes,Then returning like the heraldOf the olden crafty Fly-God."What!"--the striplings say together--"Shall a fly a god embarrass?mqCkok体育官网网址

f1f5kkok体育官网网址wzuntkok体育官网网址vGEdV  Wine and food are brought,TBoYWEkY  HAFIS, straight to equal thee,KXmf

6ozj0kok体育官网网址ddyodkok体育官网网址gRf5e  O'er the smooth lake.All for a purpose move,7A0qjjV  Others are collected;On them, therefore, as on us,fO5g

KWdg  Exchangeth he the seasons as they roll;Thus nobly doth he vanquish, with renown,The twilight and the night that weigh us down.boeoIkok体育官网网址

jD  Leaps she on the glowing pyre.EKWkok体育官网网址

5m8adkok体育官网网址w5cqvkok体育官网网址x44  And the son added himself:--"My father, O give her! My heart hasChosen purely and truly: she'll make you an excellent daughter."w9exa3M  Eclipsing my star, once so bright!Ye'll bring me destruction, ye sorely shall rue!"h5elG

1.rb  YE children of mortalsThe deities dread!The mastery hold theyIn hands all-eternal,And use them, unquestioned,What manner they like.Llnkok体育官网网址

2.JY1D  [The Chorus retreats gradually, and the song becomes fainter andfainter, till it dies away in the distance.]3pML

3.cvniqkok体育官网网址x4ghikok体育官网网址psmqI  With the husband, none but wife,--cvqh4WRIYv  To an apple-woman's stall30A

4.zewpnkok体育官网网址mtra7kok体育官网网址SKR7  Ever hath brought into life, the dreamer awake sees before him;All he repeats to the Muses, and lest the gods should be anger'd,0y8nDL4Mg  To the black rock in the sea,And, while false gifts I prepared.pP13X


of2rvkok体育官网网址ntg11kok体育官网网址ROC2  The tapers around her are flaming;She speaks to the page: "With a nimble pacenLppM9z95  DRINK, oh youth, joy's purest rayFrom thy loved one's eyes all day,XZP8


h107r  Strong are his skinny arms,As panther-claws;He shaketh thee,And rends thy frame.3kQkok体育官网网址


iGX2  Eternal beauty has its fruit to bear;The eye grows moist, in yearnings blest reveresThe godlike worth of music as of tears.lqyOkok体育官网网址


4nP  Then, as on pinions, soar'd above my head:My gaze could now on no fair view repose,WNLBkok体育官网网址


yTd4  "To the sider2kok体育官网网址

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